width=300Australian mothers-to-be may be facing too much pressure on becoming yummy mummy or rather looking good whilst pregnant, researchers say.

After early findings from an RMIT University Melbourne study of pregnant women's experiences, researcher Jessica Tata says pressures are increasing on pregnant women to look glamorous.

Ms Tata said in a statement said that yummy mummy has become popular and may place additional pressure on pregnant women who are experiencing a lot of changes in their life.

In particular, women who are unhappy with their body weight and shape and who have difficulties controlling their eating may be particularly susceptible to the pressures of the 'yummy mummy' ideal and experience difficulties coping with the changes during pregnancy.

Ms Tata said early results from a small sample in the RMIT study found that pregnant women were not meeting healthy eating guidelines for daily fruit and vegetable intake.

The researchers are looking for more women who are in the first 18 weeks of pregnancy to take part in the study.