Did a former production assistant on “Pretty Little Liars” just reveal the real identity of “A”? While fans of the ABC Family show have been eating up “spoilers” from a recent Reddit post, executive producer I. Marlene King is claiming that the rumors about Charles DiLaurentis’ identity are false.

The drama all started when an alleged former PA for “Pretty Little Liars” took to Reddit to share some spoilers from the set. The Reddit user claimed that they were fired from the series after failing a drug test, which is how they know so many “spoilers” about Season 6. So, what did the mysterious person spill? The supposed identity of Charles DiLaurentis, also known as "A."

WARNING: Do NOT continue reading unless you want to find out what was said in the Reddit post, now known as “Drunkgate.”

According to the PA, Wren (Julian Morris) is the big bad tormentor that has been stalking the girls for years. The story supposedly goes that Mrs. DiLaurentis (Andrea Parker) faked his death and joined the board at Radley Sanitarium, the mental health institution where he was living, to cover it up. The British accent that everyone loves? It’s fake, says the PA!

Reddit users had doubt over the legitimacy of the spoilers, and things began to unravel when the mysterious PA deleted his/her username. Some wanted answers from the mouth of some higher-ups at “Pretty Little Liars.” Fortunately for them, Executive Producer I. Marlene King was happy to take to social media to clear up the rumors from the Reddit AMA.

“No one has been fired,” she posted on Instagram. “No one has leaked the identity of Charles.”

But Marlene King wasn’t done there. She proceeded to post a “karma” poster. The image shows a bare foot about to step on an exposed nail. “My belief that this happens to all a------s in the future,” the caption of the photo reads.