“Pretty Little Liars” is returning to television with a deadly episode on Tuesday. The show was criticized for its last season finale, but the gut-wrenching finale of season 3 really delivered a punch to its viewers.

“Pretty Little Liars” fans found out that Toby was on the “A” team, breaking the hearts of “PLL” fans everywhere. Fans also were left on the edge of their seats when they saw Caleb being wheeled into surgery.

Will “PLL” viewers find out if Caleb is still alive during the Halloween special?

Even though the season has ended, the show always films a Halloween special, where the girls gather together at an All Hallows Eve party after they have been invited there by “A.”

Executive producer Marlene King told The Hollywood Reporter that the looming death of one of Rosewood’s own will be imminent at the Halloween party during their latest episode, “This is a Dark Ride.”

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, King warned that someone the viewers know will die and the victim is a male.

King said: “Someone does not come off the train alive. I think some pronouns were used at our [Hollywood Forever] Cemetery screening.”

She continued, “We didn't set out to say, 'Someone has to die on the train,' but the story we were telling really lent itself for this particular person meeting their demise. And it really furthers the story that we ended season 3A with and where we're going in the last half of the season.”

The executive producer then explained “A’s” “master plan” to THR:

"’A’ definitely has a master plan. We started that ball rolling with the closers at the end of the episodes. The closer of the finale, after we revealed Toby (Keegan Allen) to be part of the 'A' team, it was 'A' buying a ticket to the Halloween train. 'A' plans on going to this Halloween party that the PLLs are going to be at, this moving party. 'A' started a plan all the way back then.”

King explained where she got her idea for the party to THR:

King: “It came up last year, about this time. We were knee-deep in our first Halloween episode. And I saw an advertisement for a Napa Valley Halloween Train and I started passing it around. I thought, 'Wouldn't this be really fun? This would be a really great second Halloween.' We knew we couldn't do a prequel again because we had done that and we thought it was a fun venue. We love to pay homage on our show to classic films, to classic Hitchcock films and thrillers, and there were so many fun places to go with it, we couldn't pass it up.”

King explained about how the death in the Halloween episode comes about:

“I'll say there's a big twist. You might think one person is going to die only to realize, oh my gosh, it's somebody else. That person does meet their demise. It really goes back to our theme song, 'Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead.' This person is about to reveal a huge secret to the Pretty Little Liars, which they will eventually find out in season 3B, but this person is killed because he's about to reveal a big secret. And that secret involves the night Alison went missing.”

"Pretty Little Liars" airs its Halloween special 8 p.m. this Tuesday on ABC Family, and the second half of season 3 will air on Jan. 8.