"Pretty Little Liars" is adding some more "Pretty Dirty Secrets." The ABC Family show is launching a weekly spin-off web series, and it's bound to be just as juicy as the show.

TVGuide.com reports that ABC Family will launch their eight episode web series, "Pretty Dirty Secrets" immediately following the Aug. 28 finale. The new weekly spin-off is definitely something that "Pretty Little Liars" fans won't want to miss.

The eight weekly episodes will lead up to the highly anticipated Halloween episode, a sequel to last season's episode. In season two, the Halloween episode was more of a prequel, focusing on the girls before Alison died. The five of them prepped for Noel's big Halloween party, while Aria dealt with a major secret - her father's affair with one of his students. Fans of the series also learned during the Halloween episode that "A" had been tormenting someone else before Aria, Emily, Spencer and Hanna - Alison.

"Pretty Dirty Secrets" won't be starring the fab four or Alison, but instead cast members Brant Daugherty (Noel), Yani Gellman (Garrett), Vanessa Ray (Cece), Brendan Robinson (Lucas), Drew Van Acker (Jason) and a mysterious new character played by "Nine Lives of Chloe King" star Aeriel Miranda.

According to TVGuide, the web series will take place in the Halloween store as the town preps for the ghoulish festivities. "Pretty Dirty Secrets" is bound to bring some juicy gossip because the location of the series is the same spot where some key situations went down in the Halloween prequel. The Halloween store is where Alison met Jenna for the first time (the beginning of the Lady G show down), and where fans first spotted the creepy masked person - a person who could possibly be Alison's killer.

"Pretty Dirty Secrets" will begin airing on Aug. 28 at 8 p.m. on ABCFamily.com, continuing every Tuesday until the Halloween episode of "Pretty Little Liars."