It’s finally here – the season 4B winter premiere of “Pretty Little Liars!" Emily, Aria, Hanna and Spencer were left with their heads spinning at the end of the Halloween episode, and now fans will get to see how they’re dealing with the jaw-dropping revelation during episode 14, “Who’s In The Box?”

For those that missed the dramatic “Grave New World” episode, Alison revealed herself to be alive. But viewers shouldn’t expect Alison to be rejoining the girls in the real world … in fact, Alison might not reappear for a while. Actress Sasha Pieterse spoke with TV Guide about her mysterious character, Alison, and explained that just because she was in the end of the Halloween episode, doesn’t mean that she’ll be appearing in the 4B premiere.

“It’s not safe for me here,” she revealed to the girls at the end of episode 13. “I want to come home, but you have to help me.”

Last we saw her, Alison was forced to run off into the night – but not before pushing them in the right direction. “Remember what I told you at the hospital, Hanna,” she continued before disappearing.

“Pretty Little Liars” fans have been obsessing over those last few moments, and TV Guide teases that Alison lovers will have to wait a few more episodes for another reunion between the old pals.

“There’s going to be a really interesting dynamic because Alison didn’t leave on the best note,” Pieterse dished. “Considering a lot of what the girls have been through, the fact that she was alive and didn’t do anything will have a big impact on them. I really like the first time you see me alive again, it’s a special moment, but you will be so pissed off at a character.”

Thanks to a synopsis for the winter premiere, we already know that Emily will be having a hard time dealing with the fact that Alison is alive. But viewers aren’t sure if it is because Emily is guilty of teaming up with Alison’s tormentor … of if she is just having trouble with old memories.

Whatever the case may be, fans can’t forget the warning that Mrs. Grunwald gave during the Halloween episode: “One of you has been touched by the one Alison fears the most.”

The season 4B winter premiere of “Pretty Little Liars” will air on ABC Family on Tuesday at 8 p.m. EST. What do you think will happen in episode 14, “Who’s In The Box?” Let us know your thoughts in the comments section or send a tweet to @AmandaTVScoop.