After a hiatus of a few months, “Pretty Little Liars” returned to ABC Family for one night – its annual Halloween special.

Episode 13, “Grave New World,” picked up where viewers left off during the season 4 summer finale … in Ravenswood. Hanna, Spencer, Aria and Emily decided to ignore Mrs. Grunwald’s advice and attend the town party to search for Alison. But unfortunately for the liars, “A” is lurking in the shadows and ready to wreak havoc.


“Pretty Little Liars” fans were hopeful that Ezra was being framed as “A,” but it looks like the schoolteacher with the young girl fetish is guilty. Ezra calls Aria to figure out where they are, and once he does he begins to follow them in a vintage uniform and gas mask.

The Search For Red Coat

Walking through the cemetery, the girls find exactly who they were looking for – Red Coat. However Red Coat still isn’t ready to be found and leads them down a secret passageway in a crypt. The Liars follow her under the crypt … but get separated along the way.

Caleb’s Journey Into Ravenswood

While the girls explore the town looking for Alison, Caleb’s on his way into Ravenswood on a bus. On the bus Caleb meets a girl named Miranda who’s also on her way to Ravenswood. Like Caleb, Miranda grew up in foster homes and is heading to Ravenswood to find her only living relative – her Uncle Raymond.

The pair finally get to their destination. and while Caleb doesn’t want to let Miranda go off on her own. he has to go find Hanna.

Hanna’s Lost

Hanna ends up getting separated from Aria, Emily and Spencer and finds herself in a mysterious mansion. Exploring the rooms, Hanna stumbles upon an old telephone booth. Going inside to call Caleb, Hanna discovers not only that the phone doesn’t work … but that someone was following her and locked her inside.

Struggling to get free, Hanna starts to see some bizarre things through the fogged glass. First she sees three bright lights. Then she hears a girl scream and Alison’s voice saying: “They’ll find out. My friends know I’m here.”

Trying the door again, Hanna’s shocked when she sees Alison’s face come up to the window. But as quickly as Alison appears she disappears … replaced by a man in a gas mask (presumably Ezra).

Scared and confused, Hanna’s finally released from the telephone booth by someone surprising – Caleb’s new friend, Miranda.

Spencer’s Search

Spencer, Aria and Emily eventually find their way into the same mansion that Hanna’s lost in. And like Hanna, Spencer ends up getting separated.

Finding herself in a green house, Spencer’s not alone – a gas mask-clad Ezra is there as well. The pair engage in a fight with Spencer able to knock her masked attacker on the floor. But when she goes to lift his mask, he ends up knocking her unconscious on the floor. Standing over her with a pair of sheers, Ezra decides not to kill her for some reason.

The Discovery

Aria and Emily find Spencer passed out on the ground and manage to wake her up. But before they can let Spencer rest, they hear a scream. “Please, please he’s going to kill me,” Alison’s voice echoes through the halls.

The Liars chase after Alison’s voice but instead of their friend they find that her voice is being played on an old recorder. Thinking they hit another wall, the girls are surprised to find Mrs. Grunwald behind them. “You shouldn’t be in here,” she tells them.

It turns out the girls are in Mrs. Grunwald’s office, the caretaker of the home that belongs to Miranda’s uncle. Mrs. Grunwald had recorded her phone calls with Alison the summer that she called her. The spooky thing about the recording they’re listening to is that someone had stolen that tape six months ago.

While Mrs. Grunwald doesn’t reveal much, she does tell the girls that, “One of you has been touched by the one Alison fears the most.”

Caleb And Hanna’s Goodbye

Hanna offers Miranda her home, but Miranda declines the offer, insisting that she needs answers about her family. As Miranda begins to walk away, Hanna decides that she can’t let the girl go off on her own. Giving Caleb a passionate kiss, Hanna tells her boyfriend that he needs to stay in town and help her find her uncle.

Caleb promises he’ll help her and return home to Rosewood soon.

Leaving Ravenswood

With the four girls finally reunited, they decide that it’s time to leave Ravenswood. The only problem is that Spencer has a flat tire and her spare is missing from her car.

As they worry about what they’re going to do, a car blinds them. The person driving parks and steps out – and it’s Ezra. Telling Aria that he was worried about her, Ezra gives the unsuspecting girls a ride home.

Is Alison Alive?

The four girls are dropped off and as Ezra pulls away, they see Red Coat in the woods. Chasing after Red Coat, they’re shocked when she stops in the backyard.

Taking off the hood, Red Coat turns around revealing her identity – It’s Alison!

“Did you miss me?” she asks her friends. “Look, I don’t have much time. It’s still not safe for me to be here. I want to come home but you have to help me.”

The girls are confused, but before they can ask any more questions, someone starts to head into the backyard. “Remember what I told you at the hospital,” Alison tells Hanna in a hurry.

When the girls turn around, Alison is gone and they find that Ezra’s back because Aria left her phone in the car.

Caleb’s Discovery

Walking with Miranda, Caleb makes a strange discovery – a gravestone with his name and an old-looking photo of him. Caleb’s not the only one to see a doppelganger. Miranda spots a similar gravestone that like Caleb’s features her face and name.

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