Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer are making moves in episode five of “Pretty Little Liars.” Their search for answers continues, leading Spencer and Emily to a local college in “Gamma Zeta Die.”

The episode kicks off with Melissa leaving for an internship in London, Aria’s mom, Ella, getting some nasty bee stings, thanks to an infested car, and Emily and Spencer heading to Cicero College. But while Emily and Spencer might be going together – they have different agendas.

While Emily is trying to think about her future, the only thing Spencer can focus on is finding out who the phone number that Tippy was singing belongs to. Thanks to a geek -- who calls Spencer out for having “crazy eyes" -- Spencer is able to narrow down the phone number to an unlisted campus number on Greek Row. Using a sorority mixer as a way to ask some potential “board shorts” if they’ve ever seen Alison, Spencer and Emily come head-to-head, when Emily refuses to help. “I came here to talk to sorority sisters about a scholarship,” Emily tells Spencer. “I’m here for me.” But that’s not the end of their spat. Their fight gets uglier when Spencer accuses Emily of hiding the fact that she’s gay in order to get what she wants.

The pair part ways and follow through with their original agendas. Emily learns about the Gamma Z sorority (and a mysterious and creepy former house mother named Mrs. Grunwald), while Spencer moves through the party showing Alison’s picture to the guys in attendance.

As Spencer and Emily roam through college, Hanna makes a startling discovery at her house – finding a gun in her mother’s room. Freaking out, Hanna tries to get in touch with her friends, but none of them will give her the time of day to explain. In a stupid move, Hanna puts the gun in her bag and heads off to Cicero College to find Emily and Spencer.

Finding Spencer, Hanna tells her that she needs both her and Emily “now.” Showing Spencer that she has the gun and wants to ditch it far away from Rosewood, Spencer tries to convince Hanna to give it back to her dad. Telling Hanna to wait where she is while she goes to find Emily, Spencer ends up stumbling upon a secret room in the sorority house. Finding a light switch, Spencer discovers an old radio and a pink disconnected phone. Plugging the phone into the wall, Spencer uses it to call Aria, who recognizes the number as the one Tippy was whistling.

Heading down the stairs to tell Hanna what she uncovered, she finds that Hanna has disappeared. Tired of waiting for Spencer, Hanna takes a beer mug and heads into the woods to dig a grave for the gun. With both Emily and Spencer searching for her, it’s actually the cops who find her first.

Emily and Spencer find the cops putting Hanna into the cop car in handcuffs and get a text from “A.” “Just a friendly tip,” reads the text. “Maybe Hanna and her mom can share a lawyer.”

“Gamma Zeta Die” ends with the camera cutting to “A” pouring honey into her mug and looking at an old picture of Carla Grunwald, the same mysterious house mother that a sorority sister was telling Emily about earlier.

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