Things are getting pretty weird in Rosewood. Episode 10 of "Pretty Little Liars," “The Mirror Has Three Faces,” kicks off with Emily getting a pretty disturbing offer … to move into Alison’s old bedroom.

Emily is not happy with the offer, but Hanna convinces her to take it, believing that Alison’s room might hold more clues to “A.” While Emily feels like a prisoner in the Alison “museum,” Mona is an actual prisoner in Radley – and being treated by Wren.

Wren doubts that Mona really killed Detective Wilden, but Mona insists that she “got rid of him” to make up for all the horrible things she did to Aria, Hanna, Emily and Spencer. Asking Mona why she’s lying to him, she tells Wren that she knows where his loyalties are … and knows that he’s keeping secrets from her. Wren’s response? He knows her secret as well – that she stopped taking her medication.

Meanwhile, Toby is mentally stuck in Radley after finding an envelope with more clues to his mother’s death. The envelope contains sheet music and a note that says, “leave the lamb alone and go for the lion.” Taking the note's advice, Toby and Spencer head to visit Dr. Palmer, the retired doctor who used to treat his mother. But just like last time, Palmer’s mind proves not what it used to be. But his memory gets jogged when Spencer begins to play the sheet music – and they learn that Mrs. DiLaurentis used to see him as well.

Meanwhile Hanna is trying to get into Radley to talk to Mona. After Caleb refuses to help her break in, Hanna turns to Wren. But as Mona said, Wren’s loyalties lie elsewhere. Hanna asks him if CeCe went to see Mona, and Wren reveals that a blonde girl did try to visit Mona. When Hanna leaves, Wren makes a phone call … telling the person on the other end that they have a problem and that he’ll take care of his end … if they take care of their end.

So, what does Wren do to “take care of his end?” He goes to Spencer’s mom and tells her that he thinks Mona is trying to hurt Spencer, the rest of the girls, and their families. In return, Spencer’s mom goes to see Mona in Radley … and threatens to let her rot in jail if she’s doing something to hurt Spencer.

Ezra has a problem as well. After going to see Spencer’s mom last week for legal advice, he went to prove the paternity of Malcolm … and learned that he’s not the father. Maggie explains that she was mad at him and went to a party where she drank too much and “made a mistake.” Upset over the news, Ezra calls Aria. But Aria is in Philly at one of Jake’s martial arts matches and decides not to pick up.

The big shocker of the evening comes in the form of scoop on CeCe and Alison’s odd relationship. Turns out that CeCe hated Alison after she got her kicked out of school. CeCe also hated Aria, Spencer, Emily and Hanna – going as far as to call them “She-devils.” But that’s not all – Alison’s mom reveals that she knows Dr. Palmer because she got a call that her daughter tried to hurt herself and was in Radley. However it wasn’t Alison – it was CeCe --- wearing Alison’s clothes and acting like her. Palmer told DiLaurentis that Alison and CeCe’s relationship was toxic.

Episode 10, “The Mirror Has Three Faces,” concluded with:

-Emily and DiLaurentis discovering that someone’s been living in the basement.

-Wren coloring in a red coat on one of his psych tests.

-Spencer’s mom being forced to drop Hanna’s mom as a client.

-“A” planting Hanna’s mom’s shoes at the crash at Emily’s house.

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