Ah, young love. There’s nothing quite like it! The stomach-turning butterflies, the adorable goo-goo eyes and the … flying bullets? Oh yeah, you can’t have a romance without a little ammo — at least, that’s the rule that applies to relationships on the ABC Family hit series, “Pretty Little Liars.”

During the dramatic Season 4 finale, we saw Ezra Fitz (Ian Harding) and Aria Montgomery’s (Lucy Hale) tumultuous love affair take a turn for the frightening when Harding’s character was shot during a confrontation with “A.”

The season finale of “PLL” focused on the reunion of Alison and the girls. She told them that with the police reopening her case, she’d need her friends more than ever to help solve the mystery of who tried to kill her before “A” strikes again. With that said, Alison opened up to her besties, giving them every detail of what happened the night she went “missing.”

Of every shocking revelation in episode 24, the most surprising moment was when Ezra made his debut amidst a fight between the five scared girls and gun-toting “A.” Aria’s ex-boyfriend stepped in the line of fire, admitting to “A” that he knew who they were and that the police were on their way. That’s when a scuffle broke out between Ezra and the mysterious killer. During the fight, the gun went off, leaving Ezra bleeding on the rooftop. The season finale ended with the girls screaming for help.

Chilling, we know! So the question is: Is Ezra gone for good? Well, according to Harding, despite his character’s deadly wound he’s feeling good after signing a contract to appear in a fifth season.

"He's going to be in bad shape," Harding revealed to E! News. "I haven't seen the first script back, but in the costume fitting, I was getting fitted for medical gowns, several of them."

We’re excited that Ezra wasn’t killed off, but how will Aria react when she has to come face-to-face with the man who broke her heart?

"They're going to have to clearly like regain trust, but I don't think it's the end,” Harding hinted. “Emphasis on 'think.’ I think the love that they have is just so insanely strong, and it's why such a cerebral, intellectual guy as Ezra decided to say, 'No, screw you, law enforcement, I'm gonna go for this.' I don't think that can just simply end because I think Ezra is a good person. He's just driven by this obsession."

What does Hale have to say about a possible rekindling between Ezra and Aria?

"I feel like Aria's a hopeless romantic," she explained. "I want to say that hopefully she'll come around and be with him, but at the end of season four, things are up in the air. It's almost like how much more can they take, you know? So I don't know. If she's strong enough to get back with him, I would hope so, but we'll see."

Things between the former lovers have been complicated — especially after the Season 4 finale aired. Do you think Aria should get back together with Ezra when Season 5 premieres this June? Because this is such a hot debate, we wanted to give fans reasons why Aria should or shouldn’t change her Facebook status back to “In a relationship.” After considering the pros and cons, let us know in the poll below if you think Aria should give Ezra another chance.


-          He literally took a bullet for her, saving Aria’s life and her friends.

-          He’s been trying to figure out the mystery of their friend’s death.

-          He’s super cute.

-          He confessed he never lied about his feelings towards Aria.

-          He turned down the book offer for her.

-          They have a long history.

-          He’s her first love.


-          He’s been lying to her for years.

-          He put his book before her feelings.

-          He had a relationship with her best friend.

-          He’s her teacher.

-          Aria and Riley make a pretty cute couple.

-          He’s been creepily stalking Aria and her friends in his basement.

-          Who eats pie with beer? Ew.

-          He thought one of Aria’s friends killed Alison.