The drama never ends on “Pretty Little Liars.” As the Season 5 premiere date quickly approaches, many fans are in a tizzy about Aria and Ezra. But what about Hanna and Caleb? Hanna’s ex is returning to Rosewood after a short stay in Ravenswood, and his arrival is going to come with some “adjustments.”

“Hanna’s look is going to be adjusted, Hanna’s attitude is going to be adjusted,” executive producer Joseph Dougherty dished to E! News. “Caleb and Hanna have both changed, and they’ve both had experiences that the other one is un-privy to, And in both cases for their experiences, they really aren’t at liberty to discuss it, and they’re both personally under a lot of stress inside.”

For Caleb, Dougherty is referring to his nightmare of an experience in Ravenswood. Fans will remember that a curse on the spooky town tried to take the life of Caleb and his friends on numerous occasions -- and Caleb kept all of it a secret from Hanna in an attempt to keep her safe.

As for Hanna? While Caleb was let into the inner circle on all the “A” shenanigans, he has been kept out of the loop on the fact that Alison is alive. Hanna and the rest of the girls got all the details from their “dead” friend about the night that she disappeared. But it sounds like Hanna might be forced to keep him in the dark about everything that she knows.

“I think both of them are kind of looking to the other to kind of say, ‘Take me back to that safe place where I once was before,’” Dougherty continued.

But can they go back to the way things were? With Travis in the picture that might be a problem.

As we reported at the beginning of April, “Pretty Little Liars” fans will have a juicy love triangle on their hands when Hanna’s surrounded by her new beau, Travis, and her first love, Caleb. “Love triangle,” Hanna’s Ashley Benson, posted along with a photo of her between Caleb’s Tyler Blackburn and Travis’ Luke Kleintank.

If that wasn’t enough to get you excited about the upcoming season, Benson took to Instagram on May 12 to tease filming with Blackburn. “First scene with my two boys @norbuck @tylerjblackburn,” she posted, referring to “PLL” director Norman Buckley and Tyler Blackburn.

The photo appears to be taken in the coffee shop that the gang hangs out in. However, an Instagram video posted by Buckley places the two in the halls of Rosewood High School.

Season 5 of "Pretty Little Liars" will premiere on ABC Family on June 10 at 8 p.m. EDT. Are you excited for Hanna and Caleb’s reunion? Are you Team Haleb? Take the quiz below and tweet your thoughts to @AmandaTVScoop.