A very loud crowed welcomed the cast of “Pretty Little Liars” to New York Comic Con on Friday. And they had good reason to be excited. The cast and executive producers were dropping spoilers left and right. Creator I. Marlene King kicked off the panel by announcing the Jan. 12 premiere date, but the team was also prepared to reveal where their characters are after a five-year flash-forward in Season 6B. Though they previously explained that the girls would go their separate ways and reunite in the future, they revealed new details about what they’ve been up to.

Aria: Despite Aria’s (Lucy Hale) love for photography, she ends up falling in love with writing and working in the publishing industry. In a video that showed the first four minutes of the “PLL” Season 6B premiere, she picks up a book that Ezra (Ian Harding) has written in a Boston bookstore. Hale said that she thinks Aria and Ezra will always be in each other’s lives, but as always, their relationship is “complicated.”

Hanna: In an unsurprising turn of events, Hanna (Ashley Benson) is involved with the fashion industry. She moved to New York, which Benson said she always expected for the character. Not everything is great for Hanna, though. Benson was “really upset” about one twist, but producers wouldn’t let her reveal what it was. Fingers crossed that Hanna and Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) are still together!

Emily: In the first minutes of the premiere, Emily (Shay Mitchell) seems to be bartending in some exotic locale. However, Mitchell revealed that she hasn’t been living a relaxing life in the tropics. She went to Pepperdine University in California, and something dramatic may have happened. “Her time away is probably the hardest,” Mitchell teased.

Spencer: Also unsurprising, Spencer (Troian Bellisario) gets into politics. The overachiever is seen in Washington, D.C. outside of the capitol building and Bellisario teased that her character is already quite successful.

Alison: Only one girl stayed behind in Rosewood after graduation. Alison (Sasha Pieterse) is now an English teacher at the high school, which shocked her portrayer. “I wasn’t sure where she was going but I didn’t think it would be teaching,” Pieterse said. “The more I play her as a teacher the more I got it. I think it’s very special.”

She teaches in Ezra’s old classroom, and she’s the one who asks Aria, Hanna, Emily and Spencer to return to Rosewood, but it isn’t just for a reunion. They’re returning for a hearing about CeCe/Charlotte’s (Vanessa Ray) release. Alison wants to get her out and rebuild her family.

These five aren’t the only ones fans will catch up with during the second half of Season 6. “PLL” will also reveal much more about Charlotte, but King wasn’t letting any details slip. “There’s more to that story,” King promised.

“Pretty Little Liars” Season 6B premieres Jan. 12 on ABC Family, which will be renamed Freeform before the “PLL” premiere.