“Pretty Little Liars” fans rooting for Emily and Alison to get together may get their wish in Season 7.

Actress Shay Mitchell, who plays Emily on Freeform’s hit series, and her co-star Sasha Pieterse, who portrays Alison, shared a photograph on Instagram Sunday. Both Mitchell and Pieterse, who appear to be dressed in black, give the camera sultry stares. The photo doesn’t reveal any spoilers, and it’s unclear whether they’re even on the set of “Pretty Little Liars.” However, it’s the photo caption that has fans going crazy. Mitchell captioned her image, “Wait on it ... #Emison,” and Pieterse captioned her picture, “Babes <3 #emison.”


Wait on it... #Emison

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Did Mitchell and Pieterse just reveal that their characters will become an item in the next season? It’s certainly possible — even though Alison is technically married.

For those who don’t remember where things stood at the end of Season 6, Alison and Elliott (Huw Collins) decided to get married after a brief period of dating. Elliott constituted a support system for Alison when Charlotte (Vanessa Ray) was first institutionalized and later murdered. But their relationship turned out to be a sham. Elliott was secretly working with Jessica DiLaurentis’ (Andrea Parker) evil twin, Mary Drake, the entire time. Mary was the real mother of Charlotte and wanted to take over control of the Carrissimi Group. The only problem was that Alison had majority ownership. Mary and Elliott orchestrated a plot to make Alison feel like she was going crazy, which resulted in Alison checking herself into a mental hospital.

Will Alison find out about Elliott’s betrayal in Season 7? And will she finally give in to her feelings for Emily? “Pretty Little Liars” fans will just have to wait to find out. The cast is currently shooting the seventh season, which will premiere on Freeform June 21.