It’s go time! After a hiatus of a few months, “Pretty Little Liars” is returning to ABC Family on June 10 for its Season 5 premiere. Forgot how things left off with Aria, Spencer, Emily, Hanna and Alison? We’re giving you a recap of the Season 4 finale and it’s jaw-dropping cliffhanger.

The Reunion

Season 4 episode 24, “A is for Answers,” finally reunited the Liars with Alison … and Noel Kahn. In a surprising twist, Alison revealed that Noel has been helping her since she was forced to flee Rosewood and fake her death that fateful night. And while the girls were confused as to why Noel would help Alison, their mysterious friend revealed that Noel has secrets of his own.

What Happened That Night

Ready to go home but unable to unmask “A,” Alison decided that it was finally time to tell her friends the truth about what happened the night she “died.”

Alison had been staying with Ian in Hilton Head at the end of the summer. The blonde teen had struck up a romantic relationship with her brother’s friend, but was also using the time to escape “A” for a little while. Unfortunately their weekend together was cut short when Ian’s girlfriend, Melissa, showed up. Melissa and Ian reconciled, forcing Alison to escape through the balcony … but not before stealing files off of Ian’s computer.

Speculating that Jenna was “A,” Alison decided to use incriminating footage of Jenna on Ian’s computer to silence her. But Alison received another threatening message from “A,” leading her to realize that she had not put an end to her tormentor.

With her life potentially on the line, Alison made one last-ditch attempt to blackmail “A.”

Drugging her four friends at the barn to make sure that they weren’t the ones behind the texts, Alison then went to confront a series of people, including Toby, Ezra, Ian, Melissa and Mr. Montgomery. The texts from “A” stopped, and Alison believed that she had succeeded.

But when she returned to her home she found her mother staring out the window at her … and was hit over the head with a rock.

Alison was knocked unconscious, and when she woke she discovered her mother helping someone bury her. She tried to call out to her mother, but couldn’t. Instead she told her friends that she listened to her mother hysterically cry, “Oh, what have you done?” – bringing Alison to the conclusion that her mother is covering for someone.

After Alison’s mother helped bury her, Mrs. Grunwald arrived from Ravenswood and pulled her from the grave. She drove the teen to the hospital, but Alison was so scared that she ran when Mrs. Grunwald went to get help. Alison ended up getting picked up on the side of the road by Mona, who helped her hatch a plan to fake her death and leave town. It wasn’t until Alison discovered that Mona had been tormenting the Liars that she realized that Mona had played her. That’s when Alison returned to town to help protect them as “Red Coat.”

Police Station Drama

While the five Liars are reunited, the Rosewood police department finally got their hands on CeCe. Holbrook wanted answers about Detective Wilden’s death, and CeCe agreed to talk – but she wanted to strike a deal. She revealed to Holbrook that she knows who killed the girl in Alison’s grave, and that that person is still trying to hurt her “friend.”

CeCe wasn’t the only one in the police station during the Season 4 finale. The entire Hastings family was also present – and looking increasingly suspicious. Holbrook ended up separating Mr. and Mrs. Hastings from each other, and it was during that time that he revealed to Melissa that he did everything he could to protect someone. Who he is referring to wasn’t clear, but that wasn’t the only mystery surrounding the Hastings. Melissa whispered something in her father’s ear, possibly revealing another shocking truth.

The “A” Showdown

The police tried to track down the girls, but “A” got to them first. “A” chased them up to a rooftop building, trapping them. However, Ezra showed up to save the day and reveal that he knows “A’s” identity.  Unfortunately he didn’t get a chance to tell the Liars, because “A” ended up shooting him in the gut.

Hanna managed to get her hands on the gun, however “A” didn’t listen to her request to take off the mask. Instead “A” jumped off the roof onto another building, fleeing before the girls could do anything.

Final Moments

The final moments of the Season 4 finale featured Ezra collapsing from his wound and someone burying another body in the ground … Mrs. DiLaurentis’.

The Season 5 premiere of “Pretty Little Liars” will air on ABC Family on June 10 at 8 p.m. EDT.

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