Motorola's high-fashion AURA, one of the killer cell phones during the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show Last week.

The Motorola Aura is gorgeous, an obvious marvel of engineering, and it costs $2000. It's almost impossible to end a sentence describing the Motorola Aura without mentioning that it costs $2000.

The overall build quality was very tight, though, and the phone swung open with a smooth and assured click. It's a gorgeous, unique device, and did we mention it costs $2000?

With Swiss bearings and sapphire crystal face, but the circular LCD screen is so unusual, and the circular LCD screen is so unusual, it's very striking. The interface was fine, matching the circular screen nicely.

The AURA sports a 2 megapixel camera works on all four of the major GSM/EDGE network bands used throughout the world. It has 2GB of built-in storage space for tunes and photos, and can even work with wireless stereo Bluetooth headphones and headsets.