Prince Charles' secret letters were released on Wednesday, and people who hoped to get a look into Buckingham Palace scandals were left breathless -- with disappointment. Twitter users flocked to social media to discuss the clandestine memos, except there wasn’t much to talk about. There wasn't any mention of the late Princess Diana, who died in a car wreck in 1997, or the rumored feud between Queen Elizabeth and Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton. The letters, instead, were mostly political and didn’t talk about the royals' personal lives at all.  

In a letter from 2004, Prince Charles wrote then-Prime Minister Tony Blair that residents should purchase their meat from British farmers. “I know that European Rules preclude the Government from running a campaign to promote, solely, British produce but for all that, it would be splendid if the Government could find innovative ways to give the necessary lead,” he wrote, according to the Independent

In a different memo, the prince urged the prime minister to rethink the opposition to slaughtering badgers, which would help prevent the spread of tuberculosis in cattle. “I do urge you to look again at introducing a proper cull of badgers where it is necessary,” the prince wrote, according to the Independent. “I for one cannot understand how the ‘badger lobby’ seem not to mind at all about the slaughter of thousands of expensive cattle, and yet object to a managed cull of an overpopulation of badgers-- to me, this is intellectually dishonest.”

Twitter users were not impressed with this dialogue. Some of their messages have been shared below:

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