It is rumored that Britain's Prince Harry has been dating waitress Jessica Donaldson, whom he met during his night out at the Andaz Hotel in San Diego.

It appears that Harry first met Jessica Oct. 7, just hours after the prince and his mates from the Royal Air Force had touched down on the American soil.

His minders called ahead to the Ivy nightclub at the five-star Andaz hotel in downtown San Diego, asking for a secure area where a VIP and 20 of his mates could watch the Rugby World Cup.

It was something the hotel set up because Harry wanted to watch the match, and management hooked up a laptop to a flat-screen TV, Donaldson told the British tabloid The Daily Mirror, adding that Harry paid for the first two of the three $500 bottles the group ordered.

An insight into Harry's dating technique is provided by the fact that at the end of the night, his security detail asked Jessica out for brunch the next day, and then, last Saturday, a friend texted her to invite her to the Belly Up Club in Solana Beach on Harry's behalf. It was at this club that some blurry photographs of him kissing Jessica were taken.

The Mail claimed that multiple sources said a woman fitting Jessica's description arrived alone by taxi at Harry's hotel, leaving at 6 a.m. Donaldson, who took reporters' questions over the weekend with her boyfriend of three years in the room, apparently burst into tears before denying either that she had kissed Harry or that the woman was she, adding, perhaps not entirely helpfully, It must have been another girl. I am sure Harry has lots of girls.