Prince Harry has given almost a week of his time doing volunteer work in Nepal. Pictures of the royal prince doing hard labor to help rebuild a school in Nepal was also recently released.

In photographs released by Team Rubicon, Prince Harry can be seen working alongside other volunteers to rebuild an earthquake-destroyed school located at the remote village of Lapubesi, according to Telegraph. Prince William’s brother was hard at work as he lifted beams of wood, cut sheets of corrugated iron roof materials and even cement bags. The royal prince was joined by other Team Rubicon volunteers comprised mostly of former members of the military.

Team Rubicon is an organization that helps army veterans and former military personnel to help serve the community, as well as recover from post-traumatic stress. It also utilizes their skills and know-how as responders or volunteers in the aftermath of a natural disaster.

During Prince Harry’s six-day volunteer work in Nepal which commenced after his royal tour ended, the royal prince also helped to build a solar farm for the village of Lapubesi. He and other Team Rubicon volunteers also worked together to repair the infrastructure of a hydro-electric turbine at the said location. Many structures in the said village were destroyed after the April 2015 earthquake that hit Nepal.

Given the village’s remote location, Prince Harry and the volunteers has had to make use of the local tools and methods available. This included breaking rocks by hand to be used as part of the school’s foundation, as well as manually mixing the cement. With the lack of machinery, materials also had to be transferred by the volunteers from one area to another.

Prince Harry previously commented during a reception held at the U.K. embassy in Kathmandu in March that he was “grateful to have this opportunity … to do my small bit to help this beautiful country,” People magazine reported.

The royal prince and Team Rubicon’s volunteer work in Nepal was said to have ended in the last week of March.