Prince Harry will soon be travelling to outside of Britain to two countries. The royal prince will be flying off to Canada and America in May to attend events linked to the Invictus Games and a charity that he supports.

May will be a busy month for Prince Harry given his planned trip to Canada’s Toronto, as well as Florida and Orlando in the U.S. The royal prince’s upcoming trip was announced by Kensington Palace on Wednesday, April 6, Today reported. His first stop would be Toronto on May 2.

Prince Harry is set to officially launch the third Invictus Games in the said Canadian city. Toronto has been identified as the Paralympic game event’s host to be held in September 2017. In a press release posted on the Invictus Games’ website, the 2017 event has been described as the “largest” Invictus Games. It is said to feature “more competitors, participating nations, and sports than ever before.”

In a statement, Prince Harry also commented on how he has “always hoped” for the Invictus Games to continue after the inaugural event held in London. He added that he wanted the Invictus story to go on after seeing how it has benefitted a lot of people. “I am absolutely delighted to announce that the Invictus legacy will continue when Toronto hosts the third Invictus Games,” Prince Harry stated.

After visiting Toronto, he will then fly off to Florida for a polo match on May 4. The event was organized to support the charity Sentebale. The said organization is a charity that Prince Harry has helped to create. The charity targets children in Lesotho who became victims of poverty, as well as young kids afflicted with AIDS and HIV.

Prince Harry will head off to Orlando after the charity polo match, where he is expected to stay until May 13. Orlando has been identified as the host for the second Invictus Games. Although the event is slated to start on May 8, the royal prince plans to arrive before the said date to meet with the players and their families.

The upcoming Orlando Invictus game will be held at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex from May 8 until May 12.