Prince Harry of Wales has arrived in the U.S., marking the beginning of an intensive two-month training program that will take place in California and Arizona.

The Prince, who will officially be called Capt. Harry Wales during the training, landed Thursday afternoon at the Naval Air Facility El Centro in California, according to reports.

The 27-year-old's time in the U.S. is the final phase of the 16-month Apache helicopter training program.

During the second half of this leg, Harry is expected to join some 20 British Army students at an Air Force station in Arizona, where they will be trained to work with missiles, rockets and cannons, the Associated Press reports.

All eyes will be on Harry's famous partying behavior. In August, the Prince was spotted busting some dance moves at a nightclub in Croatia, where he was vacationing.

While the prince and other students will be strictly prohibited from going off base, even during their free time, El Centro residents assured that there won't be much to see in their city, which is near the U.S./Mexico border and a two-hour drive from San Diego.

We don't' have places for him to go to cruise around. He's going to get bored. I would recommend the mall, Jesus Gonzalez told the AP.

In April, Harry was promoted from Lieutenant to Captain after serving five years of service as an Army officer. According to The Telegraph, the third in line for the throne could return to Afghanistan as early as spring 2012.

Prince Harry, welcome to the U.S.

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