Prince Harry has yet to meet his new niece Princess Charlotte, whom he says he is looking forward to seeing when he returns to Britain. This, however, hasn't stopped him from expressing big plans and delivering his best life advice for both the little princess and her older brother Prince George.

Speaking to the Mirror at the end of his Australia and New Zealand tour, the redheaded royal said he would want his niece and nephew to pursue military careers, just las he and Prince William have. "I would definitely encourage George, and Charlotte if she wants to, to have some sort of involvement in the armed forces, guaranteed," Harry said. "And I know that William and Catherine would probably echo that as well, depending on the situation for them in those years to come."

Harry, 30, added that being with the armed forces has done no harm to him or William, which was why he wanted Charlotte and George to also experience the good things that could come from military duty. He, however, will not make the decision himself, since it would ultimately be the Kate and William’s choice.  

But Harry’s main advice to his niece and nephew was, unsurprisingly, to have fun. “As an uncle, you know, I would say enjoy the role, because at first it’s just pressure, pressure, pressure,” he said, adding, “If you’re going to be doing it and you’re having an effect on so many people then, if you smile, they’re smiling -- and what’s the point of doing such a unique job without enjoying it?”

The young prince has also recently ended his on-and-off three-year relationship with 26-year-old Cressida Bones. Despite receiving a number of marriage proposals and being compared to the Bridget Jones character brought to life by Renée Zellweger, who is famed for her desperate quest for settling down, Harry insists that he is “happy not having a girlfriend.” The royal crooner also said that he will save love advice for Charlotte and George for when they get older, Vogue reported.

Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana was born two weeks ago, just five days after Harry flew out to Australia.

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