What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Unfortunately that didn't seem to be the case for Prince Harry, because naked photos of the British royal have been posted all over the web.

To get over your mid-week hump, photos of a naked Prince Harry began circulating early Wednesday morning. TMZ posted the photos of the famous redhead, who reportedly became nude due to a game of strip billiards with friends in a VIP suite.

"Once in the room, things got WILD," TMZ reported. "With the group playing a game of strip pool that quickly escalated into full-on royal nudity."

Prince Harry wasn't sharing the nude spotlight alone though. The British royal can be seen with an unidentified female mate in the photos. One photo found on TMZ depicts Prince Harry cupping his crown jewels as the mysterious topless female hides behind him. The second photo shows Prince Harry from behind, hunched over the female in front of him.

[Click here to find the photos of Prince Harry naked in Vegas.]

Although the pictures are grainy, it's no doubt that the man in the buff is Prince Harry. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the photos were called "genuine" by a Buckingham Palace spokesman.

The Buckingham Palace spokesman continued that the Prince was on "private holiday," and that publication of the photos was "up to each publication." While the decision to publish seems to be in the hands of the media, the Guardian claims differently. In a news post, the Guardian claims that "royal aides are understood to have moved quickly to warn British media organizations not to republish the embarrassing photographs."

Despite a reported push not to republish, news of the royal in the nude has still swept the internet, leading "Prince Harry" to trend on Twitter.

"I feel sorry for Prince Harry really. He wears his Nazi SS uniform and people complain, he takes it all off and they still complain #CANTWIN," @I_am_KenBarlow tweeted on Wednesday, referring to a nazi uniform that the prince wore to a costume party in 2005.

While the British family is obviously unhappy, with the spokesman refusing to make any more comments besides saying that Prince Harry is returning to the UK shortly, many in the U.S. don't seem to be too offended.

Many have begun to mock the incident, with one Twitter user imposing the well known picture of an unimpressed McKayla Maroney on one of Prince Harry's naked photos. "McKayla Maroney is not impressed with Prince Harry," wrote @jtes with the photo.

A poll on TMZ's site even found that 65% of 208,022 voters found the photo of Prince Harry to be "awesome" instead of "disgraceful."

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