While his pregnant wife Kate Middleton is on bed rest, Prince William airlifted a sick baby from Northern Ireland to England, Us Weekly reports.

Even though there was an unnamed "security threat" in the region, the Duke of Cambridge, a helicopter pilot, delivered the ill infant from Antrim Hospital to Newcastle on Dec. 15, the Royal Air Force said. What the child was suffering from and the infant’s condition are currently unknown.

It’s not the first time the royal aviator has taken part in rescue operations performed by the RAF.

The heir to throne of England helped rescue a group of teenage girls who were stranded in the ocean last summer, according to The Examiner. He also helped save seamen from Russia who were shipwrecked, the news site added.

William and Kate are expecting a child in 2013 and it’s currently unknown if they will be having a boy or a girl.

Some tabloids are speculating that the royal couple should name the child, if it’s a girl, Diana, after William’s late mother -- though sources are saying that would be a “slap in the face” to his father Prince Charles’ second wife, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

Baby name speculation aside, the prince will have to decide whether or not he wants to re-enlist in the RAF or take a cavalry role, where he will be able to be with his wife and child more, The Examiner said.

"His options include taking another duty of with RAF Search and Rescue Force; applying for a new position with the Armed Forces; or ending his military role and taking on full-time royal duties," a palace spokesperson said.