A former military chef has revealed what Prince William likes to eat during the royal’s time at the RAF Valley airbase in Anglesey, England. It seems that the royal preferred lasagna to help him refuel during his time with the Royal Air Force.

Chef Gareth Matheson, who used to work at William's previous airbase, told the Daily Post that he served the prince “virtually every day,” reported People magazine on Wednesday. "He was bit of a lasagna man and didn't like spicy food too much,” said Matheson.

The 31-year-old chef also mentioned how William, like most people on the base, enjoyed eating burgers. “He used to enjoy my special, which was a Welsh burger, because one of my trademarks is to use local produce and have a flavor of the area," Matheson added. "That was basically a burger made of lamb with eggs and bacon. William was so down to earth, which I used to find unbelievable."

Matheson also met Prince Harry at the airbase. However, the chef found Prince Harry a bit different than Prince William. “He was a bit offhand, or maybe I just got him on a few bad days! They both enjoyed their food. … I can reveal that.”

The chef worked at the RAF Valley airbase for seven years before taking on the job of head chef at a Roadking service station near Holyhead, Wales. He also revealed one of the British navy’s most popular meals -- a concoction called a "cheesy warm bam," which is made of ham and cheese on toast, and a fried egg on top, states the Daily Post on Tuesday. “I haven’t got that on the menu here yet, but the lamb shanks and lamb burgers as favored by Prince William are flying out of the kitchen.”

Meanwhile, Prince William resumed his training on Monday to become an air ambulance pilot for the East Anglian Air Ambulance, reported UK’s Express. He previously served in the Royal Air Force, most recently as a search and rescue pilot. The Duke of Cambridge spent more than three years on the RAF Valley airbase, including the first year of marriage with Kate Middleton, rising to the rank of captain.