The rumors might be true that Royal newlyweds Prince William and Kate Middleton are adding to their family. Don't believe the constant pregnancy rumors though, HollywoodLife is reporting that the couple is looking to adopt.

With their one year anniversary quickly approaching, many have been wondering when the Royal couple will be making an announcement about a baby. While Prince William and Kate might be trying for kids of their own, they have also been discussing bringing a less fortunate child into their home.

A source close to the Royals told OK! magazine that an adoption is something they've spoken about a lot. The source continued that Kate's age is also a contributing factor into their decision to adopt. Kate's 30, so she realizes they need to get started.

The Duke and Duchess haven't had much alone time this year, with Prince William being on duty for the Royal Air Force for seven weeks in the south Atlantic. People magazine reported that Prince William and Kate were reunited last week, but only for a short time. He will not have a brief period of leave before resuming Search and Rescue duties from RAF Valley shortly, an official statement said.

While the couple have time together they have discussed adoption with the rest of the Royal family. Prince William's father, Prince Charles, is said to be in favor of the idea, and doesn't believe there is any reason why they can't do it. He thinks it's a splendid idea, said an insider to OK! magazine.

The Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth, is also said to be agreeable with the idea of adoption. The source says that Queen Elizabeth admires her grandson's heart, and as long as they do have at least two heirs to the throne first, the Queen would likely give her blessing.

Overall, the Royal insider said that their ability to travel has really opened their eyes to see so much need. It's really affected them both, said the insider. Their priority is to have heirs of their own to ascend the throne, but afterward, they feel there is nothing to stop them from doing such a beautiful