Prince William and his new wife, Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, have returned from their 11-day North American tour to settle right into the seats of a darkened theater.

On Saturday, the royal couple headed from Anglesey, where Prince William is based as a Royal Air Force search and rescue helicopter pilot, to the nearest multiplex at Llandudno Junction, about 40 miles away, to see the American comedy Bridesmaids, reported.

And other moviegoers were soon Tweeting about the sighting. My friend from Uni has just seen Prince William and Kate Middleton in my local cinema, one Twitterer wrote Saturday.

Cineworld confirmed the outing in a Tweet Monday, saying, and Prince William and Kate Middy saw Bridesmaids at Cineworld Llandudno this W'end. Wonder what they made of Kristen Wiigs 'one eyed' impression?

The newly married duo are expected to spend the majority of the summer in North Wales, while William works and Kate considers which causes she will adopt in her new role. Both are expected to travel to Scotland to visit Queen Elizabeth's estate, Balmoral, as a request from the queen, who wants to get to know Kate better.

They have the rest of their lives to be public figures and working hard on behalf of the Queen and want to keep things on a level and enjoy their marriage, a palace spokesman said last week.