The family feud over Prince’s estate just took a strange twist. Alfred Jackson — one of the “Purple Rain” singer’s five half-siblings — ­has reportedly been butting heads with Tyka Nelson and his other siblings about being excluded from the process. And new reports claim there may be more to him being left out than sibling rivalry.

According to TMZ, Jackson — a disabled veteran who is said to be living in a Veterans Affairs facility near Minneapolis — has grown increasingly worried that his siblings are taking extreme measures to ensure he gets no stake in Prince’s financial and physical assets. Jackson alleges that a missing persons report was filed on him on April 29 — just one day after he and his siblings met to discuss Prince’s estate. TMZ reports that the document stated that Jackson had gone missing from his home and might require a welfare checkup. While it remains unclear who filed the report, Jackson has his suspicions. He is said to fear that one of his siblings is attempting to have him declared mentally incompetent, giving them a leg up in the estate fight.

Prince’s family members faced off in court for the first time on Monday. His siblings, joined by legal representation, appeared before a judge in Carver County, Minnesota, in the hopes that a decision would be reached about which of his family members — if any — would be named administrator in the absence of a will. The hearing lasted 12 minutes, according to tweets from Fox News 9 Twin Cities (KMSP-TV). The judge found no evidence that Prince had written a will, despite claims that there is an unopened safe inside his Paisley Park mansion that may contain the document. Bremer Trust, a bank with which Prince is said to have worked closely with during his lifetime, remains in charge of his estate. A lawyer for the bank said it will continue searching for the will, but did not reveal whether the safe will be drilled open.

The first meeting regarding Prince’s assets took place on April 28. His siblings are said to have gathered to discuss the division of his money and belongings. At the time, sister Tyka Nelson, Prince's only full sibling, was vying to be named administrator, but the others were not on board with that plan. The meeting ended in an altercation after she was allegedly confronted by Jackson over the memorial service she arranged for Prince at Paisley Park on April 23. Jackson questioned why he was not invited, which sent her into a rage. Nelson reportedly stormed out, leaving the rest of the family to figure things out. In the end, a bank representative was placed in charge.

Further hearings regarding Prince’s estate are scheduled, though it remains unclear when. Jackson has not yet spoken out about claims he is being sabotaged by a family member, but did make a successful attempt to prove his mental stability to local police.