Princess Beatrice, 27, shared a taxi ride with newly married Hollywood actors Ashton Kucther and Mila Kunis. The British royal and her longtime boyfriend Dave Clarke took an Uber taxi to get around New York City.

The actors were in the city to celebrate Kunis’ 32nd birthday. Their driver David Capellan took to Instagram and shared a picture of both the couples, smiling in the back of his car on Sunday. “I just met #Ashtonkutcher #Milakunis #princessbeatrice and #DaveClark we all had a crazy convo #lol #goodpeople #royalty #uber,” he captioned the picture.

David said the group were “pretty hilarious” as they discussed their recent holidays, E!News reported. He also told that the group were “humble and nice” and made time to chat to him during their journey. The driver and passengers also shared some laughs while talking about yachts with the princess. The royal talked about her stay on Oprah Winfrey’s luxury liner.

The Kutchers meanwhile, talked about their low-key honeymoon that consisted of a road trip in a caravan with their daughter Wyatt. The newlyweds recounted how their trip took them to Yosemite National Park and Napa Valley in California.

The Uber service uses unlicensed drivers, with customers ordering via an app on their phone. The 37-year-old Kutcher likes to use Uber despite being a millionaire as the tech-savvy celebrity is actually an investor in the company.

Kunis, who turned 32 on Friday, enjoyed a laid-back birthday with her husband. The adorable couple were pictured walking in Manhattan’s Upper West Side with their daughter Wyatt and eating burger. Besides, an onlooker said that the actor was pushing the stroller while Mila appeared to be animated.

Kutcher and Kunis got married in a secret ceremony in an idyllic venue, the Secret Garden in California. The actors met on “That 70s Show” when she was 14 and he was 20. The couple gathered their friends and family in a secluded orchard over the July Fourth weekend.