Princess Charlene and Prince Albert of Monaco were all smiles for the camera as they co-hosted the Red Cross Ball in Monte Carlo.

The newly crowned princess went for an uncharacteristically eye-catching fuschia mermaid-style gown, with slightly more dramatic makeup than usual.

The newly crowned Princess Charlene married her prince in a civil ceremony on July 1, followed by a formal reception the next day. There was speculation that all was not well with the couple in the days preceding the wedding, when a report surfaced that Charlene  may have tried to flee Monaco for her South African homeland and was obstructed by customs officials working under orders from the Prince. The royal family vehemently denied rumors that Charlene tried to flee and the wedding went off without a hitch.

However, doubts about the couple's happiness were reinvigorated after it was reported that Prince Albert and Princess Charlene slept in separate hotels on their wedding night.

The Daily Mail reports that the couple stayed in hotels ten miles apart after flying to South Africa shortly after the wedding. Albert, 53, moved into the Hilton hotel in Durban while Charlene, 33, took a suite at the Oyster Box Hotel in Umhlanga Rocks.

Her father, retired photocopier salesman Mike Wittstock, told the Daily Mail: "This is because Albert attended the conference for the International Olympic Committee at the Hilton."

"The conference started at 7am and Albert did not want to get up unnecessarily early and to sit in traffic."