Princess Charlotte made her official royal debut for her christening July 5 in a vintage Millson buggy that had been in the royal family for decades. Royal fans and other shoppers now want similar items for their babies, and as a result, a vintage carriage company is experiencing the Princess Charlotte effect, piling up four months of backorders.

At just 2 months old, Prince William's and wife Kate’s youngest is proving she also is a fashion icon. Prams with Pizazz has seen an increase in demand for the classic Millson stroller. The Mirror reported owner Scott Frew is already considering hiring more staff to cope with the demand.

Frew runs the business with his wife, Carolyn, who started restoring and redesigning vintage buggies three years ago. Carolyn created her first project when daughter Elise wanted a ladybird doll’s carriage with black dots. After searching through the Internet and finding none available, Carolyn decided to create her own. 

The determined mother-of-five bought an old buggy, repaired the unit and refurbished it. She then bought three more for her daughters and lovingly repaired the strollers. Carolyn then uploaded the pictures to Facebook and the response was positive. What started as a hobby became a business when new mothers and collectors started ordering full-size carriages.

The Millson buggy Princess Charlotte used is a family heirloom. It is also a rare antique since Millson dissolved in the 1960s when lighter strollers were introduced, the Daily Mail reported. Currently, Silver Cross is the only British company making the vintage-design carriages. 

Other retailers also are taking advantage of the Princess Charlotte effect. A 1963 Millson carriage reportedly is for sale on eBay. Earlier this month, Harrods also released the Silver Cross Balmoral Bespoke buggy at the Knightsbridge branch. The units reportedly were snapped by shoppers very quickly.

The royal christening was a grand affair. Princess Charlotte arrived in style, pushed in the 1950s Millson buggy by mom Kate, People reported. Close friends and family turned out for the event along with thousands of royal watchers, fans and well-wishers.

This is not the first time that the royals, particularly Kate, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, have created a shopping flurry. In the past, everything from chic maternity dresses and baby clothes to Crocs sold out almost immediately after they were sported by a royal..