Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge is going to have quite a few people to watch over her. On Sunday, the two-month-old will be christened and five people will be named as her godparents, Kensington Palace announced. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton, have picked out some of their closest friends to watch over Princess Charlotte and none of them are in line to the throne. Meet Princess Charlotte's godparents below:

The Honorable Laura Fellowes: Including William’s cousin is another way for the couple to honor his mother during his daughter's life. Fellowes is the niece of Princess Diana, according to the Daily Mail. Her mother is Diana’s sister, Jane.

Adam Middleton: Kate named one of her cousins as a godparent for the royal baby as well. Adam has been spotted with the Duchess of Cambridge numerous times and the mother of two attended his wedding last year. She had to take nine bodyguards with her, according to Hello.

Sophie Carter: This new godmother appears to be a longtime friend of Kate’s. She has been spotted with the Duchess of Cambridge at her birthday party, but she was even seen a charity concert with Kate before she married William.

James Meade: This is William’s “closest friend,” the Telegraph reports. Before becoming Princess Charlotte's godfather, Meade served as a best man at the Duke of Cambridge’s wedding.

Thomas van Straubenzee: This was William’s other best man at his 2011 wedding to Kate. Van Straubenzee and Meade gave the best man speech together.

This group is similar to, yet shorter than, Prince George’s list of godparents. When George was christened in 2013, seven adults were named to look after the boy, and they were all close friends of William and Kate. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge chose not to include their siblings either time. It seems that Prince Harry, Pippa Middleton and James Middleton will have to be happy with the titles of aunt or uncle.