Princess Kate and Prince William are expected to travel to Scotland to join Queen Elizabeth II and other family members in celebrating the Queen’s landmark reign. The royal couple’s two children, Princess Charlotte and Prince George, are also expected to join their parents for the trip.

The four-month-old Charlotte and brother George is set to have their first trip together, according to People. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, along with their two children, are expected to head to the Queen’s highland estate, Balmoral, in the coming days.

Queen Elizabeth II will be celebrating a milestone in Britain’s history this month, as she will soon overtake Queen Victoria as the longest reigning monarch in the country. By Sept. 9, the Queen would have reigned for more than 63 years and 216 days. To celebrate the momentous event, the Queen is said to host a family dinner to be held in Balmoral, Scotland.

However, details of the family dinner were reportedly not disclosed by the royal couple’s office in Kensington Palace or the Queen’s at Buckingham Palace. Although the magazine’s sources did reveal that despite it being a milestone day for the Queen, the 89-year-old royal considered it as “business as usual” and reportedly have engagements to attend to during that day.

The royal source added, "Any dinner will be treated like every other evening, and we won't be briefing on who the Queen is having dinner with. That won't change because of the significance of the day."

Meanwhile, Prince Charles will not be able to attend the family dinner in Scotland, the Mirror reported. The Prince of Wales reportedly has a long-standing appointment at the Dumfries House in Ayreshire.

Apart from the family dinner, the Queen’s milestone reign will also be celebrated with the publication of Queen Elizabeth II’s biography. The former foreign secretary Douglas Hurd reportedly wrote the book which also featured a tribute by Prince William in the foreword.

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