Princess Love warned Moniece Slaughter that their feud wasn’t over, so when the singer invited her enemies Princess and Brandi Boyd to her listening party, things were bound to get out of hand. On Season 3, episode 8 of VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” Princess tried to attack Moniece after she started taking jabs at Brandi.

Monday’s episode kicks off with Willie meeting up with Fizz in the studio. Willie gives Fizz an update on his marriage troubles with Shanda Denyce, and Fizz suggests Willie does something romantic for Shanda to show that he loves her and she’s important to him. Willie agrees and later in the episode sets up a nice picnic outside in their backyard. Shanda is surprised by the gesture, but says Willie is only being romantic because he’s in the dog house. Shanda tells her husband that she’s sacrificed a lot for their family and put them all first, and she doesn’t feel like he’s done the same. Shanda says that their marriage needs to be fixed but they can’t mend things together. She gets up and walks away. Willie doesn’t want to give Shanda her space, but in the end packs his bags and leaves.

Meanwhile, while Moniece is rehearsing for her music video, Masika Kalysha comes by and tells her all about Brandi interrupting her studio session with Max Boyd. Moniece says she’s sorry Masika had to go through that with Brandi, but says now they can team up against Brandi. Moniece is having a listening party, and tells Masika she’s going to invite Brandi because she wants revenge. Moniece is hoping that she stirs up enough trouble that it ruins Brandi and Max’s marriage.

During the episode, Princess also reveals that she got an invite to Moniece’s listening party. Princess isn’t sure why Moniece invited her since they’re not getting along but says she’s going to go because she needs “something to laugh at.”

When Brandi and Princess arrive at Moniece’s party, Moniece gives them a shout out welcoming them before telling the crowd a story about how Brandi was arrested for attacking a woman named Becky. Princess gets mad that Moniece is trying to bash Brandi in front of everyone, and snatches her shoes off and runs towards the stage trying to attack her. Before she gets to Moniece, security rushes forward and holds her back.  

Also during the episode, fans see a sweet moment between Ray J and Princess. As Princess is wedding dress shopping with her best friends her fiancé pops up at the store and tells Princess he has a surprise for her. He then goes and gets her grandmother. Princess starts bawling because she’s glad that someone from her family is able to witness her wedding dress shopping. Princess tells her camera that she wants her dad to walk her down the aisle even though they haven’t talked in over a year. Princess is afraid her dad will say no, but her grandmother tells her that her family will be at her wedding for her.

Safaree Samuels is also going through his own troubles on “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.” After catching Nikki Mudarris kissing Rosa Acosta, Safaree tells the guys that Nikki invited him to meet up so they could talk. Ray J says he wants Safaree to wear an ear piece so he can tell him what to say to Nikki. Safaree does, but the conversation quickly goes downhill when Nikki brings out a woman claiming to know Safaree. Safaree claims the woman is just a fan he happened to take a picture with on the street, but Nikki doesn’t believe him.