“Prison Break” Season 5 is almost here, and fans can’t wait to see Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) reunite with Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell).

Fox recently shared some photos to whet fans’ appetite for the onscreen brothers’ reunion. In a photo posted on the official Instagram account of “Prison Break,” Michael can be seen grabbing the bars of his prison cell with both hands while glaring at someone. The still was captioned, “We’re getting you out,” likely alluding to Lincoln, Sara (Sarah Wayne Callies) and the rest of the gang who will work together to break Michael out of his new prison.

Last week, Fox also shared a photo of Lincoln and Sara in deep conversation. The two could be talking about Michael resurfacing seven years after his supposed death or their plans to help him escape from his prison in Yemen. Check out the photos below!

In addition to Miller, Purcell and Callies, several familiar faces will also be returning in the highly-anticipated revival. Among them are Amaury Nolasco and Rockmond Dunbar, who play Fox River escapees Sucre and C-Note, respectively. Robert Knepper will also reprise his role as villain-turned-ally T-Bag, while Paul Adelstein will once again play the role of politician Kellerman.

One fan-favorite character who will not be returning for the revival, however, is William Fichtner’s Alexander Mahone. Fans remain hopeful that the series will bring back Mahone, who, in Season 4, had sought revenge for the murder of his son. They've even taken to spamming “Prison Break” writer Paul Scheuring's Instagram and Twitter with messages about writing a storyline for the character. However, it looks like the chances of Mahone making a comeback are slim to none.

Knepper previously told Digital Spy that Scheuring did not know how to write in Fichtner’s character in the Season 5 storyline. “He didn't want to just bring everybody back, so that the audience go, ‘Oh, look, it's Bill Fichtner again!’ – he honestly thought, ‘I’m not sure where to do that in the plot.’ So if someday there's another chapter of this, maybe then Bill will be back. But I think the characters that are there, each of our moments that we have, are key to the storytelling, which is how it should be,” the actor said.

Are you hoping to see Mahone in the upcoming revival? Sound off in the comments below! Meanwhile, “Prison Break” Season 5 is set to premiere in January 2017 on Fox.