When Dusetree Taylor was transferred from an upstate prison to Rikers Island earlier this month for a hearing, he thought he would get his day in court. Instead, what he got was a beating so bad it landed him in the hospital for the second time in six months.

The Department of Corrections and the Bronx district attorney's office are currently investigating Taylor's case. His first beating--in a Bronx holding cell--broke his jaw back in May; this time he was beaten unconcious while in prison. Some corrections officers think that an inmate may have ordered a hit on the beaten man.

His eyes were full of blood, both eyes. I even asked him 'can you see me?' He said 'I can see you, but they are hurting.' He was in pain, his ears were swollen, he said he was bleeding from both ears, said Taylor's mother, Maxine Rose, according to NY1.com.

Taylor had survived a hit earlier this year back in May, the one that broke his jaw. When he was brought back to the Bronx courthouse this month to testify against his attacker he was placed in the cell next to his.

Taylor apparently told his family that he was not having any problems with inmates. However, he was jumped by his attacker, knocked unconscious, and woke up in the hospital the next day.

He started throwing words as per my son and said that you're dead and different things and, you know, we're going to get you, said Rose. I feel the system is not doing its job and protecting the people it is supposed to protect.