The NFL is easily the most popular American sport, but that isn’t reflected by the number of people that watch its All-Star game. The 2016 Pro Bowl drew record-low ratings on Sunday night with the Super Bowl a week away.

Austin Karp of SportsBusiness Daily reports the contest drew a 5.0 overnight rating on ESPN, which is likely its lowest ever. The Pro Bowl had a 5.6 rating on ESPN last year, and it did a 6.7 rating when NBC broadcast the game in 2014.

The rating is low by NFL standards, though other sports would love to have a 5.0 rating for their All-Star game. The NHL also had its All-Star Game on Sunday night, and the contest drew a 1.17 overnight rating on NBC Sports Network. That number was a 24 percent increase from the 0.94 rating the game did last year.

The NBA All-Star Game will be lucky to draw a 5.0 rating when it airs in a few weeks. The contest did a 4.3 rating last year.

The Pro Bowl’s ratings used to be competitive with some World Series games, but now the contest doesn’t even come close to matching the MLB All-Star Game’s ratings. The baseball exhibition drew record-low ratings last summer, but it still outdid the NFL with a 6.6 rating on FOX.