“Project Runway” Season 13 will be crowning the 2014 winner on Oct. 23. The competition still has four competitors, but only one can win the huge prize package. Sean, Kini, Amanda and Char are all going to New York Fashion Week. They have a $9,000 budget and five weeks to create 10 looks for the collection. After Fashion Week, the judges (along with guest judge Emmy Rossum) will decide who has what it takes to be a top fashion designer. Take a look at the finalists who made it to Fashion Week:

Project runway finale kini Kini Zamora will have to add a little edge to his collection if he wants to win "Project Runway." Photo: Lifetime/Barbara Nitke

Kini Zamora – Known for his feminine designs, the judges know that Kini can sew well. He made structurally interesting dresses all season, but he wasn’t doing so well in Part 1 of the finale. He showed the judges three of his designs and they slammed his looks. It felt too dramatic and too elderly. The judges recommended he find the balance of feminine and fun, especially since he is aiming for a young audience. He’ll only have a day to create entirely new pieces for the runway.

project runway finale amanda Amanda Valentine is hoping her second chance on "Project Runway" will be more successful than her Season 11 run. Photo: Lifetime/Barbara Nitke

Amanda Valentine – The Season 11 competitor has definitely redeemed herself. After being voted back onto the show for Season 13, Amanda has continually wowed the judges with her ability to successfully blend her bohemian style into any challenge they give her. Heidi once again wanted to buy the looks Amanda put on the runway when she previewed three of her Fashion Week looks. “This collection is the real beginning of my career in fashion,” Amanda said.

project runway finale sean Sean Kelly has been in the top and the bottom throughout "Project Runway" Season 13. Photo: Lifetime/Barbara Nitke

Sean Kelly – While Sean has won challenges, he has also been in the bottom three way more than Amanda and Kini. While the judges know he is capable of creating amazing looks, he doesn't always have the best judgment. His pieces are often big hits (like his ‘rainway’ dress), but they can also be huge misses (like his corduroy dress). Heidi Klum loved Sean’s look, but Nina Garcia was not feeling the fringe Sean utilized in every piece. He is going to have to decide if he should please the judges or himself.

Project runway finale char Charketa "Char" Glover is the only "Project Runway" finalist who hasn't won a challenge. Photo: Lifetime/Barbara Nitke

Charketa "Char" Glover – As the only designer who hasn’t won a challenge, Char has a lot to prove. She is also the only finalist who has been sent home. Though Tim Gunn saved her, she’ll have to prove to the judges that she can not only be a good designer, but the best designer. Her three looks didn’t really impress the judges, and they thought the collection lacked cohesiveness. “I don’t want it to be like Sexy Spice, Scary Spice and Hoochie Spice,” Zac Posen said. She’ll have to make her collection feel less disjointed if she wants the grand prize.

There is a lot on the line for these designers besides a title. The winning designer will receive $100,000 from Red Robin to launch their business, a new design studio, a car from Lexus, a spread in Marie Claire magazine and a new home entertainment center. For the next year, Mary Kay will provide makeup for their runway shows, ALDO will provide shoes for runway shows, and Best Western will give the designer travel accommodations at fashion capitals around the world.

“Project Runway” Season 13 episode 14, the season finale, will air Oct. 23 at 9 p.m. EDT on Lifetime. Who do you think will win? Sound off in the comments section below!