“Project Runway” Season 13 designers felt a lot of pressure from Heidi Klum in episode 5, titled “The Klum of Doom.” Every year, contestants have to dress Heidi for a red carpet event, and this year they had to dress Heidi for the Creative Arts Emmys. Typically, designers take months to make a red carpet look, but the “Project Runway” contestants had just 24 hours. They were given a dossier of Heidi’s looks and only one piece of advice from the model: “I like unexpected, fashion forward, fearless, and I do not want to end up on a worst dressed list.”

Drama: Contestants seemed to be excited for the challenge, but many of them were very nervous about having to dress Heidi. Everything seemed okay until Heidi came in with Tim Gunn for check in.

Mitchell had to completely reconceive his look after Heidi didn’t like his dress, and he wasn’t alone. Kini was almost done when Heidi came by, but she requested that he get rid of all of his seams, forcing him to remake the entire front of his dress. Sandhya’s design reminded Heidi of the 1980s hit “Dynasty.” Kristine’s dress looked cheap, and Amanda’s dress felt too much like a bib.

Korina picked a green color that Heidi didn’t find elegant. It reminded her of hunters in Germany. The snakeskin details really irked Heidi, especially once she discovered it was real.

Heidi didn’t love any of the dresses all that much. She came back in and told the contestants that they could go back to Mood for fabric. They each had $100, but if they didn’t want to go back to Mood, they could give their money to another designer. Sandhya found a few other designers who weren’t going and they donated their budget to her. She bought fabric that was $120 a yard, something she would never be able to afford on a normal “Project Runway” budget. While Mitchell thought she was selfish, Char commended her initiative to ask other designers for help.

Emily didn’t go back to the store for fabric, but she didn’t think that the contestants should be allowed to go. “It’s up to them as designers to pick the right fabric the first time,” Emily said.

However, starting from scratch halfway through the challenge meant that designers had a serious time crunch. Plenty of designers were still cutting and sewing as they headed down to the runway.

Top Three

Sean: His blue fringe dress was a hit from the start. He was one of the few who didn’t have to change his original idea. The judges loved the electric blue color and the ombre effect that the fringe had. “It’s a really sexy dress, without screaming sexy,” Nina Garcia said. All of the judges adored the design, but most importantly, Heidi loved it. “He had a real idea. He had a vision and he just went for it,” Heidi said.

Kini: His black form fitting dress is very well made. He took Heidi’s advice to hide the seams and lower the back. Formal wear wasn’t a new challenge for Kini, and it seemed that this was actually his comfort zone. The dress fit the models curves perfectly. “It’s really made for her body so really well done,” Nina Garcia said. It received Zac Posen’s highest score. “This is somebody who gets it,” Zac said.

Amanda: Her beaded dress meshed her bohemian side with Heidi’s style. She cut out her high neckline in exchange for a plunging neckline to give Heidi the sex appeal she said was looking for. Heidi really loved the look, but the other judges didn’t share her enthusiasm. “I just think it needs to be polished,” Nina said.

Bottom Three

Mitchell: The long red dress still didn’t work even after Mitchell went back to Mood and started over. His design was a bit of a mess because he ran out of time. Mitchell ripped the zipper out at the last minute to make the dress fit his model, but he couldn’t properly sew it back in. This resulted in awkward bunching of fabric in the back and the zipper wasn’t even in a straight line. “That’s just not something that’s flattering on anyone,” guest judge Lindsey Vonn (a gold medalist alpine skier) said. Mitchell was ashamed of his dress. “No one should be wearing this!” Heidi exclaimed when the judges saw the dresses up close.

Korina: Her ill-fitted green dress was simple and boring, and Korina knew that. The plunging neckline really didn’t have any complicated details except for some quilting on the lower back that only made the dress look worse. The hem was uneven and the dress really didn’t fit the model correctly. She created the gown in five hours, and it went on the runway unfinished. Nina asked, “Would you wear this, Korina?” Korina admitted that she wouldn’t wear it. “This is amateur hour on a very simple design,” Nina said.

Kristine: Starting her dress from scratch in the middle of the competition didn’t go well for Kristine. Her short red dress showed too much skin with front panels that looked like devil horns. “I saw everything. It was indecent exposure,” Zac said. “Had you done this properly, I think this would have looked [good],” Nina said. After the judges saw the designs up close, Zac admitted that this was the worst dress he had seen on “Project Runway.” “I’ve really never given anyone a zero before. This was a zero for me,” Zac said.

Eliminated: Mitchell and Kristine

Heidi eliminated both designers after their dresses seriously failed to impress the judges.

Winner: Sean

Check out Heidi rocking Sean's design at the Creative Arts Emmys below:

Heidi Klum Project Runway 2014 Sean Dress Heidi Klum wearing Sean's winning design from "Project Runway" Season 13 episode 5. Photo: Reuters

Heidi Klum Project Runway Episode 5 Heidi Klum wearing Sean's winning design from "Project Runway" Season 13 episode 5. Photo: Reuters

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