Hundreds of protesters in the Swiss cities of Geneva and Davos rallied against the World Economic Forum in Davos, blaming the leaders gathered in there for being responsible of the economic crisis the world is facing.

Banners reading You are the Crisis, were carried near one of the hotels where many of the leaders from business and politics were staying, Reuters reported.

Police in riot gear fired tear gas and water cannons to spread masses of people gathered in Geneva, according to the report. People ran in all directions.

It's the same people who came last year and said the world economic situation is fine, and now we're in a financial crisis. Now it's the taxpayer who has to solve the whole problem, said Alex Heideger, a protester and member of the Davos Green Party, he told the news agency.

Amid an unprecedented global economic crisis, the World Economic Forum 2009 held discussions among the world economic elite in an attempt to find ways to stabilize the world economies.