The PSN is back up in the US after weeks of disruption.  According to Sony’s map here, it’s functional in all 50 US states.  If it still doesn’t work in certain areas of the US, Sony urged users to be patient as “it can take a little while for the servers to populate fully.”

For the users who were finally able to log back on, many expressed gratitude to Sony, their loyalty to the Playstation (i.e. they aren’t switching to Xbox 360), and their joy of returning to their favorite games. 

Here are some user comments on Sony’s website:

BogHawk:  To all the sad puppies that went and got rid of their PS3 for a Xbox or Wii…if you were a true Sony consumer a little outage would not influence your decision to get rid of a great gaming console.

DARKFlRE007:  To all those who switched to crapbox? STAY gone.  I would rather live a month without PSN than to spend a DAY on crapbox live.

DarkestDream: I would personally like to state that this is a great day. How I have missed MAG….I hope those responsible are found and given a fair trial in a court of law.

I-M-A-D: SONY FTW!!! WE LOVE YOU! I can game again and start my trophy collection again!!!

nightdog34:  Feels good to be back at it with Mortal Kombat… Sony, good luck at overcoming the rest of the obstacles and thanks for bringing the network back!!

EsceletoBambero: Finally Sony got us back on. Now to go kills some weenies on black ops!!!

Jerel:  Finally! I should be studying for my Family Law final, but I’m going to play a quick game of Killzone 3… Then back to Family Law!! ^^

Assasindavid: I just went 37-3 with the Famas. Thanks Sony I stayed loyal and didn’t jump ship.

Klokateer1986: Played Bad Company 2 until the sun came up… thanks for delivering Sony, your hard work and dedication to your customers is MUCH appreciated!!

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