If you've ever dreamed of taking a stroll down memory lane with your favorite Nintendo Entertainment System games, a new documentary might be for you. "Nintendo Quest" -- the brainchild of director Rob McCallum and his friend, a longtime gamer named Jay Bartlett -- will have everyone reliving their 8-bit life.

McCallum and Bartlett set out to find a copy of every game title made for the NES. The real challenge: They had to do it in 30 days -- and without help from the Internet. The list of 678 games included familiar titles such as the Mario Bros. franchise, but also rarities like “Stadium Event” and “Bonk’s Adventure,” Geek and Sundry wrote. Although some black-hearted people suggest the pair didn't go after one of the rarest NES games, "The Flintstones: Surprise at Dinosaur Peak," the plan still seems pretty exciting to us.

The documentary mixes the quest with a look at Nintendo's company history and the fans of the NES. The company behind the NES dates to 1889 -- yes, 126 years ago -- when it started making playing cards, according to Gizmodo. Video games didn’t arrive until 1975 with the release of "EVR Race" and soon after, "Donkey Kong."

In 1985, the company released the NES and soon after “Super Mario Bros.” At the time, the videogame market in the U.S. was hurting following the collapse of game makers such as Atari. And, while the first year of sales was disappointing -- Nintendo sold only half of what it expected to sell -- it persevered to the success we know today. The NES was a historic game console that inspired legions of fans who remain diehards 30-plus years after the NES' release.

"Nintendo Quest" was funded by a Kickstarter campaign and is currently being shown in limited-engagement, advanced screenings. The filmmakers hope to get a distribution deal with Canamedia. 

The documentary sounds great. Here's hoping it comes to wider release soon. We'll certainly be waiting with our fingers on the button.

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