Punk’d Returning to MTV: Who Should Host Revival of Ashton Kutcher Prank Show?

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  • Ashton Kutcher
    Ashton Kutcher is returning to the new season of "Punk'd," set for a 2012 premiere, but only as executive producer. Click through for a list of suggestions for Kutcher's replacement. REUTERS
  • Justin Bieber
    While the Biebs is rumored to be one of the celebrity hosts featured on the new season (he reportedly punks Taylor Swift), having him as a regular host might not be a bad idea. MTV will surely benefit from the increased ratings (thank you Beliebers) and welcome a new demographic to the prank show (again, thank you Beliebers). REUTERS
  • Katy Perry
    Just a few weeks ago, Perry proved that she can carry an entire broadcast of “Saturday Night Live” without cracking or messing up. Her skills as a musician are also impressive -- Perry is on pace to beat Michael Jackson’s record for having the most number one singles from the same album on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart. Maybe hosting “Punk’d” is just the next challenge she needs. REUTERS
  • Justin Timberlake
    Timberlake was successfully Punk’d into believing that he owed more than $900,000 in back taxes in season one, episode one. His experience as a “Punk’d” victim might be of value if he takes the seat as host. REUTERS
  • James Franco
    If Franco can take time off in between his films, soap opera production, multiple graduate degrees and his latest, serving as writer for The Paris Review, perhaps the 33-year-old actor can provide some creative ways to punk his friends in the industry. REUTERS
  • Miley Cyrus
    Like Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus can draw a new crowd to “Punk’d” if she replaces Kutcher as host. The 19-year-old singer and actress can comfortably fit the show into her schedule, in between her live gigs and occasional movies. Plus, it might finally draw critics and haters away from that whole pot and salvia thing. REUTERS
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It's official -- Ashton Kutcher's Punk'd is returning to MTV.

But don't expect the newly-single Two and a Half Men star and Punk'd creator to serve as the hidden camera prank show's host, a gig he held for eight seasons, before the show wrapped in 2007.

Kutcher, 33, is only returning as executive producer, joining his Punk'd partner Jason Goldberg, according to MTV.

While the network confirmed the return of Punk'd on Monday, MTV did not release any other details of the revival, including who will replace Kutcher as host.

From an October 2010 rumor of Justin Bieber hosting an episode, to reports that the new season will feature a different celebrity host every week, a revival of the show has been in the works for quite some time.

Punk'd premiered on MTV in 2003 and in its pilot, featured its first prank victim, Frankie Muniz, who was tricked into believing that a valet had stolen his pricey Porsche Speedster. Kutcher and the show quickly rose to fame from there, pranking everyone from Justin Timberlake to Jessica Biel, Seth Green to Kutcher's That 70s Show co-star Wilmer Valderrama.

The show has also spawned several international versions, including Tekinn (Iceland), Whatever Things! (Hong Kong) and Lurt av Karlsen (Norway).

As Punk'd fans eagerly wait for more details to emerge from MTV (the network is expected to reveal more on its New Year's Eve special on Dec. 31), here are some suggestions for who should fill the vacant host position.

The new season of Punk'd is set to premiere in 2012.

Did we miss anyone? Share your comments below. (To refresh your memory, below is a classic episode of Punk'd from its premiere season in 2003).

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