The "Quantum Break" PC port has its share of issues that will be fixed with an upcoming update, Remedy Entertainment announced Wednesday. Issues with the frame rate, Windows 10 performance and an option to quit the game will be added in future updates. Other issues, such as image quality and resolution were not addressed in the forum post.

Remedy Entertainment said the frame rate issue, where it was capped at 50 frames per second, was due to a rounding error. A fix for that issue will be included in an upcoming "Quantum Break" update. A separate May update from Microsoft will let developers to disable v-sync in the full screen, borderless windowed mode to improve the overall performance. 

A quit option from the main menu, a staple of any game, was nowhere to be found in "Quantum Break." That function will be added in a future update.  The developer did not provide a date for when the update will be deployed.

"Quantum Break," one of the most anticipated games of 2016, was a major test of the Universal Windows Platform where developers could create games for the Xbox One and PC using the same set of code. In the case of "Quantum Break," the game would be optimized for the Xbox One, but would see improvements to frame rates and graphics due to the processing power of a PC.

The opposite turned out to be true as the Universal Windows Platform hindered "Quantum Break" on the PC. The game could only reach 50 frames per second on a monitor whose refresh rate meant the game should have run at 60 frames per second, according to a technical analysis from Digital Foundry. Other issues included a lack of detail in the graphics and crashing on PCs with Nvidia drivers. Remedy Entertainment provided a graphics driver 362.00 for Nvida GPUs and AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.4.1 for AM Radeon GPUs. 

In regards to the rendering technique and resolution seen on PCs, Remedy Entertainment only explained how the process worked, but did not say there was a problem with how the game looked on the PC or if it would be fixed in an upcoming update.