Queen Elizabeth II has featured in a children’s book published by the Royal Collection Trust for her upcoming 90th birthday in April. “The Birthday Crown has been written by well-known children’s writer David Cali. It narrates the story of the queen’s search for the perfect crown to wear on the occasion of her birthday.

The Royal Collection Trust announced that it is publishing a new children’s book in honor of the queen’s milestone birthday on Wednesday. Two-year-old Prince George and his baby sister Princess Charlotte make a cameo in the book. While George wears a white shirt and blue shorts, his little sister wears a lavender frock similar to the one that she wore for her first solo official portraits clicked by their mom Kate Middleton last fall.

The story begins with preparations for Elizabeth’s big day and celebrations at Buckingham Palace. The arrangements are overseen by the Master of Ceremonies, but though everything is in place, the perfect crown is not yet found. The royal jewellers, gardeners and greengrocers offer quirky suggestions to the queen.

The suggestions for alternate headpiece include fruit headpiece and a birdcage, a disco ball and a crown in the shape of a fairground carousel. However, it is the 89-year-old royal’s grandson who comes to the rescue of his great grandmother. The toddler’s solution is a paper crown he has made himself.

The cover of the book has an illustration of Elizabeth in a blue dress, accessorized with a brooch and her famous pearl necklaces. She sits on a chair with the wall behind her decorated with birthday decorations, while her two Coorgis sit on the table and try to open a red box. The illustrations of “The Birthday Crown” have been done by Kate Slater.

She helps bring the story and its characters to life with her charming illustrations, which have been created using a three-dimensional collage technique. Kate suspends paper-collage pieces from wires to build up and then photograph each scene in the book, removing the wires from the final version of the illustration. The book will be available at the Royal Collection Trust shops in London and Edinburgh and other bookstores from April 12.

“The Birthday Crown” costs around $14.