Kate Middleton, who is rumored to be pregnant with her third baby, has been spending extravagantly, upsetting Queen Elizabeth, according to a report in Celebrity Dirty Laundry Monday.

Since Kate married Prince William, the two have been making headlines for their spending habits, according to the report. William, who earns $62,000 as a pilot, and Kate have spent more than $6 million renovating their homes and apartments so far.

The report added that last year, the overall expenditure for Kate, William and Prince George was $4.6 million. William, however, donated his $62,000 pilot salary to charity.

“The air ambulance service where he works then posted an appeal on Twitter and Facebook saying their fridge broke and needs replacing. So poor Prince William can’t keep his cheese sandwich cold at work – and then the place he works had the audacity to ask the people to chip in for one,” the report stated.

Meanwhile, rumors have surfaced that Kate is pregnant with the couple's third child , just four months after giving birth to Princess Charlotte. However, certain reports have said that the claims are false.