“Fear the Walking Dead” fans have a ton of questions after the midseason finale Sunday night.

The first half of Season 2 mainly focused on the survivors heading to Mexico on a yacht. They finally made it to land in episode 6, however, their plan to seek safety there backfired when Strand’s (Colman Domingo) lover, Thomas (Dougray Scott), was bit by a walker. After his death, Thomas’ “mother,” Celia (Marlene Forte), told everyone that they had to be off of the compound by sunset. That decision set numerous actions in motion in episode 7 that resulted in an unknown future for the Los Angeles survivors.

Check out five questions we have after the “Fear the Walking Dead” midseason finale:

Where are Travis and Chris going to go?

Seeing that his son his unwell, Travis (Cliff Curtis) decided to leave Madison (Kim Dickens) in order to give Chris (Lorenzo James Henrie) the support that he needs. The father and son duo were last seen navigating the unknown land in the dark. Will the two stay in Mexico and attempt to simply survive? Or will Travis try to rehab his son somewhere safe?

Is Daniel dead?

Daniel (Rubé n Blades) was going a bit crazy in the midseason finale. After hallucinating his dead wife, Daniel ultimately set the whole compound on fire in an attempt to destroy the walkers. But did Daniel survive? Madison couldn’t find him, and he was last seen standing in the middle of the fire in the cellar. We find it hard to believe that Daniel would abandon Ofelia (Mercedes Mason).

Is Celia dead?

Daniel’s life isn’t the only one in limbo. It’s not exactly clear if Celia was killed in the midseason finale. Madison did lock her in the cellar with the undead, but viewers never saw her body. When Daniel entered the room blood drops were visible, but it’s not clear if they were from the head of the Abigail compound.

Where is Nick going?

Nick is a changed character. He’s no longer addicted to drugs, but he still has that addictive personality. In the midseason finale he latched onto Celia’s beliefs about the dead and finally figured out that his mom is the destructive one in the family. Covered in walker blood, he decided to stay behind at the compound while the others fled. Is he going to stay there and try to put the place back together? Is he going to wander out into the world? Will we ever see him again?

Is the yacht still there?

Prior to returning for the others, Strand was headed for the yacht. However, he brought up a good point — the yacht might not even be there anymore. If someone did steal the yacht, where will the survivors go? Will they stay in Mexico? Or will they try to find a way back to California?