The New York Post backtracked a report that ex-NBA player Quinton Ross was found dead in a shallow grave in New York City, correcting its article to point out that police actually discovered the body of another man named Quinton Ross.

An aunt of the Ross who was found dead told the Post that he was being harassed for money. The initial story led "Quinton Ross" to trend on Twitter.

“People have been calling for Quinton asking about a car or getting some money, but I tell them he doesn’t live here,” said Stachia Jacobs, who lives in Far Rockaway, the Queens neighborhood where Ross’ body was discovered Monday in a shallow grave on the beach between the water and the boardwalk. “Why did they bury him? What could he have done? Those bastards!”

Ross was reported missing Thursday after leaving his house March 16 and not returning, according to WABC. His body was stuffed inside a trash bag, law enforcement sources told the Post.

“It looks like he was murdered and buried in a shallow grave,” said 61-year-old Noel Moses, the fiancé of Ross’ mother. Moses told the Post that Ross’ body was found after cops tracked his cell phone.

The medical examiner will be conducting an autopsy on Ross’ body. Police said the manner in which Ross’ body was disposed of raised indications that he was the victim of foul play. But authorities would not say if there were signs of trauma on the man's body, the Post reported.

Ross’ death is being investigated as a homicide, according to WABC.