The Queensland University of Technology Psychology and Counselling Clinic is offering free therapy sessions for problem drinkers.

The clinic is calling on 18 to 65 years old who drink more than 14 standard drinks a week (for women) or 28 standard drinks a week (for men) to apply for the limited spots available.

The university is offering the therapy sessions as part of a trial for two methods of psychotherapy for reducing alcohol use and easing problematic drinking behaviours. Trained therapists conduct the sessions.

The clinic cited one successful male applicant from Brisbane. The man regularly drank 35 to 40 beers per week straining his marriage and family life. After the therapy, he brought down the number to an acceptable and controllable level.

The therapist used my strengths to outthink the desire to have alcohol, he said, according to QUT.

A mother who sought solace in alcohol to cope with a stressful work and caring for his teenage also recovered from her habit of drinking at least one bottle of wine a night. The free therapy eventually helped her to focus on the triggers for her drinking and deal with underlying issues that helped cause her to feel stress.

Now I'm able to stop drinking after one or two glasses and I feel better for it. Now I don't drink for stress, only on social occasions, she said.

The sessions take place at the QUT Psychology and Counselling Clinic, Level 2, 44 Musk Avenue, Kelvin Grove. The contact numbers are 3138 0999 on 0414 463 089.