Rachel Bilson’s return to “How I Met You’re Mother” is setting the stage for main character, Ted to finally meet his long spoken about but never pictured wife.

Bilson reprises her role as Cindy, a woman that Ted briefly dated who happened to be roommates with the woman he would one day marry.

In this week’s episode that aired Monday, Ted, played by Josh Radnor, bumps into Bilson’s character, Cindy on the train and complains to her about the wedding band for Robin and Barney's wedding canceling at the last minute.

Months prior, when the couple first got engaged, Ted took over their wedding planning in an attempt to avoid coming to terms with the fact that he and Robin would never again be together.

He hashes this out with Lily, who also admits to him that she sometimes she wishes she wasn't a mom.

Among the wedding planning, Ted and Lily grapple over whether there should be a DJ or a live band. Ted ultimately caves, allowing a live band to be booked instead of a DJ as per his suggestion, which sets the fateful ball rolling for his wife’s introduction.

When Ted sees Cindy on the train, she suggests that he book a band for which her ex-roommate, the mother, was the bass player.

At Barney and Robin’s wedding, Ted sees the mother for the first time

In a previous episode, an older Ted, voiced by Bob Saget, tells his children that he met their mother on the night of the wedding at a train platform.

The preliminary introduction of the mother come after seven seasons of Ted’s long winded story about how he met his children’s mother, the premise of the series.

"How I Met Your Mother," airs Mondays at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.