If a man living in the past was to look at today's French Open agenda, he wouldn't think twice about predicting the winners. He would pick Roger Federer to beat Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal to trounce Andy Murray in the semifinals at the Roland Garros.

However, If he was to glance through the papers afterwards, imagine his surprise at seeing Djokovic labeled as the favorite against a 16-time grand slam champion, let alone his shock at finding out that the Serb is on the verge of equalizing the legendary John McEnroe's winning streak.

Baloney is something along the lines of what he might say - a phrase which could be repeated when he reads about the possibility that Nadal could actually lose on clay today.

Yet, that is how things stand. Djokovic has Federer in an unfamiliar spot as the underdog. The Serb has won 41 games on the trot and defeating Federer will also gift him the No.1 spot in the world rankings, even if Nadal wins the French Open. Also a rare four-day rest before the semi, as his opponent in the quarterfinals - Fabio Fognini - retired with injury, leaves him somewhat fresh before Federer's challenge.

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