width=0width=236Health authorities in Queensland are now concerned that there could be a drastic increase in the number of Ross River virus cases around the state after the rains and flooding that they are currently experiencing.

Ross River fever is carried by a number of mosquitoes that can cause pain and joint swelling which can last for a number of weeks.

Frank Beard from the Queensland health authority said that there were 70 cases already reported about the said virus.

However, he said that this virus is not a life-threatening illness, but it can be very devastating.

Obviously, not every mosquito carries the Ross River virus or any other infection, but the more times you were bitten, the greater risk you are exposed to.

Meanwhile, good rain at the Capricorn coast of Queensland has been a mix of a blessing for pineapple growers in the region.

It is very beneficial because we shall finish up with a good full soil by the end of the summer, so that's a good thing. said Mick Cranny, chairman of the Tropical Pines.